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Rad Craft

I'll be there as well but I may be driving to Toronto afterwards so carpooling is a no-go.


Meet at 11:45 at the shop? I'll take you up on your ride offer (kids' seats in the back of mine).

Gabhan Chalmers

Eric: so far I only know of the three of us (inc. Wilfred) going. There isn't any way to see who else is registered on the Milton site. Anybody else heading to the track that day, please drop a line here.
I can offer to drive on Saturday as well.


I'm not sure who is exactly going. Any interest out there in carpools? Can we start a group email to arrange?


I just got back from my track recertification class. The track is fantastic, you guys are going to enjoy it. Just a couple notes: Its warm in the velodrome so shorts and short sleeve jerseys are perfect. I would wear gloves in the case of a mishap the boards are soft and you will get splinters. Its also very dry in there so bring water and drink often. One final note, the waitlists are long. If you have a date and you can make it then I recommend you take advantage of it because 1) you will enjoy it and 2) it will be a long time before you get another spot in another session.

Gabhan Chalmers

It's a 40min drive, so definitely noon at the latest. Anybody else out there booked for the 24th?


I think we all got bumped to the 24th. Should we meet at the shop at noon for carpools?


I'm bumped to the 24th as well. I was thinking of withdrawing, but now that Gabhan will be there to laugh at me, I'll give it a shot.


Try the track is a great session for people who literally want to just try the track, however this will not get you certified for drop-in sessions. You should be looking at track A and B certifications or the re-certification class if you have been to FCV's intro classes.

There is also an 8week intro to track class that will get you certified in the process, as well as lots of skills for riding.

All mentioned classes include you bike rental!

Gabhan Chalmers

Dammit, mixed up again, meant the 24th! I'll see myself out.

Gabhan Chalmers

Typo, meant Jan 17th.

Gabhan Chalmers

I'm registered for the Jan. 13th (1pm-3pm) session. Did anybody else manage to get bumped to this date as well?

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