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Jim Wadleigh

Conditions are perfect for a new course record. Doing the math, on a flat 14km course at an air temperature of 29 degrees with 65% percent humidity, a 70kg rider peaking for an "A" race on a TT bike wearing full aero rig should go 48.6km per hour.
The math is based on an 80kg master C rider on a 40km course at 25 degrees, low humidity, on a non aero bike in the Eddy Merckx position (but wearing shoe covers!) doing 39.6kph. So close to 40!
Go Ryan.

Gabhan Chalmers

very subtle.


That doesn't sound like someone intent on improving their time. :)

Only tHose prepared To suffer will be successFul in the qUest for faster speed.

Gabhan Chalmers

Gah, almost 40 degrees w/ humidity... I think I'll leave the TT helmet at home.

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