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Account Deleted

Thanks Andy, glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely a fan of new scenery and route diversity.

andy mill

All around great route once again, James. Explored some new roads last night which is always nice.

Gabhan Chalmers

We saw them as well, poker faces all 'round, well done.

Account Deleted

Pretty animated B-group tonight, perhaps inspired by the twisty-turny route. I show us averaging 32 kph - not too shabby. And we did see the WCC coming out of Maryhill! But don't worry Gabhan... we played it cool and didn't make eye contact.


Nice ride tonight, rain didn't come not too windy, good steady pace. It seemed to get warmer.


Cool, no objections here.

Account Deleted

Thanks Bayden, I'm aware. Considered that option, and have done it before, but want to check out that upper section of Maryhill Road and SR-16, and figure a brief section of hard pack gravel will only add interest to the ride!


I meant left, north on 64.


We can avoid that section of gravel by going further along crowsfoot then right onto 64, to 8th line, fyi.

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