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Jim Wadleigh

Meanwhile, back in Group B, great teamwork, courtesy and pack riding skills were in evidence. Stops for regrouping, nice tight pacelines, and extra effort from 2 riders (you know who you are) for pacing dropped riders back up and keeping it all together.
Likewise on the route. Good one.
Anybody get an average speed noted?


+1 on Cory's point, even just 5-10 seconds would usually allow everyone enough time to regroup. I had a good ride tonight, I felt great in the first 50 minutes sitting near the back; thanks for letting me sit in like that, it really helps! Then the crosswind section hit me like a wall and I yo-yo'ed for about 5 minutes until everyone rode away. The 5 man paceline in the second half of the ride worked very well together! Thanks everyone.

Account Deleted

The crosswind/roller casualties--the A- group, if you will--formed at about the halfway point and rode in together at a healthy pace. We could see Rob off in the distance for about the last 15k, but he stayed away like a hero! I take Cory's point about minding the concertina effect at stops, corners and breaking points, which is particularly pronounced when the train of riders is so long. Nevertheless, a great night and good ride all in all. Hope group B enjoyed the same.


Maybe we need an A, B and C group... or just opt for the easier Tuesday night rides : )

James K

Glad to see so many people try the A group tonight. The stretches with the tail wind were great but the cross winds eventually split the group up. I hope once off, some of the riders were able to get together and help each other out or sit up until the B group came along. Hopefully everyone will continue to feel welcome to try the A group and keep working to get stronger! It's a great way to quickly learn riding strategies for coping with a challenging pace.

Cory darling

Nice ride tonight, with some fast riders. The only thing I will mention is once again front riders were attacking or surging after stops, usually well before most people at the back have even stopped. Once tonight I was 6 riders back and the first five went through a stop so fast I couldn't even hear what they said as they blurted something out then raced off. Unless I was willing to guess at what they yelled it was up to me to stop and see that the road is clear (this was a 2 way stop). meanwhile the front riders are racing away which with 15 people trying to stop/unclip then cross, means huge gaps at the back and full out sprinting just to get back on.
The surging when we were going was fine but it isn't really fair or safe to attack at stops...your only ahead because you started 30 seconds before the last riders who now have to chase down that gap, over and over again. Just my nickel (we stopped using cents)

Gabhan Chalmers

I think the ride should 'finish' at Stone and Watson, no need for craziness to carry on into the city.


The finish may be within sight when there's 20km to go


Nice route James, was just thinking the other day I wanted to go down 8th line again as I haven't been on that section this year! Nice long road that is flat and straight but usually very windy.

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