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Solo'd the Domestique route this aft. Awesome ride. Cooler than when you guys did it mid-July. Climbing Rattlesnake after Sydenham and Snake Rds definitely got the quads barking.


I couldn't agree more Louis!

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Challenging day for me, thanks for the help and waiting up for me when I fell behind!

Cory darling

Actually it was probably just as exciting with James being the Contador to a unknown rider who was our Froome on snake who was having nothing of james pass him up the hill so he showed James the Porte (door).

Gabhan Chalmers

Yeah... it beat continuing on out there in the heat :)

Cory darling

And hopefully GC was feeling better at home watching the tour.

Andy Mill

Snake Road via Dundas and on to Rattlesnake Point was an inspired route. Thanks to Gabhan. A fun and challenging ride on a warm day. Good job, gentlemen, kudos indeed.


Good ride today. Maybe to hot for the distance and all the climbing but several drink stops along the way helped a bunch. Slightly modified route added some distance. 143.5 km total distance, 31 km/hr pace, 1156 m climbing. Kudos to everyone on the ride!

Gabhan Chalmers

Going to be a hot one tomorrow. Looks like we'll get to Domestique just before the stage finishes on Ventoux (expected at 11:18am) if we hurry :)

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