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Tried my first Tuesday ride today.....you guys are. Fast. Dropped after 10 minutes (one pull) :)


I was actually doing ok until Andy showed up : )
Good ride!!

Gabhan Chalmers

Wow. That was fast. From where we ramped it up by Guelph Lake, to Arkell, we averaged... 38.4kph. Holy guac.
Fun, fast ride.
And thanks for the dose of gravel Bayden, the hate mail will be redirected your way ;)

Gabhan Chalmers

You'll be fine, there's no Bayden! Bonus, if you DO get dropped, you can cut across 22 and join back up at Oustic.


Oh what the hell! I'll come and hang on for as long as I can. My goal is 20km. If anyone wants to keep me company after I get dropped, you're more than welcome : )

Bayden Pritchard

Unless it's the stretch east of 4th line, there wasn't any as of two weekends ago when we were on it for a Sunday ride.

Gabhan Chalmers

I think there might be gravel on Garafraxa townline, but should be alright.

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